Webhook Limits & Errors

Webhook Limits

There is a max limit of 5 webhooks per location and 5 account-wide webhooks (where locationIds is unset).

Integrations with Waitwhile that are set up through Zapier also utilize webhooks which will count against the 5 webhook limit.

Account wide webhooks can only be created via the API. These types of webhooks as well as those created through Zapier and will not be displayed in the Webhooks section of the UI. List Webhooks can be used to see all webhooks that currently exist on the account (including location based, Zapier, and account-wide).

Rate Limiting

Waitwhile's API rate-limits are also applied to Webhooks. You may run into rate limiting issues if you have _all events _being triggered and are experiencing a high volume of visits.

Errors & Retries

When a webhook fails, it will automatically be retried up to 3 times. If your endpoint consistently fails for more than three days the webhook will be deactivated.
Errors and retry attempts will be displayed in edit area of the webhook under Endpoint Activity.