Using your own Twilio Account for SMS

Waitwhile uses Twilio as its primary SMS provider, with the ability to utilize your own existing Twilio account to send SMS. This allows for you to be billed directly by Twilio for SMS instead of including SMS fees as part of your Waitwhile plan. Once configured, messages sent using your own Twilio account will not impact your Waitwhile plan's monthly messaging quota.

Steps to Configure:

  1. From your Twilio account console, create a Subaccount
  2. Within that new Subaccount, generate an API key
  3. Securely save/store the API Key and API Key Secret (See note below)
  4. Use a secure sending method to provide Waitwhile with the following:
    • Subaccount ID (Found on the Subaccount Dashboard, and labeled as ACCOUNT SID, should start with "AC")
    • API Key (Should begin with "SK")
    • API Key secret (See note below)
  5. Once Waitwhile has the above information, we will then configure your Waitwhile account with your Twilio account information, and provision phone numbers for each location within your account.


API Key Secret

Upon creation of an API Key, you will be presented with the key as well as a secret. This secret serves as the password for the key, much as your account's auth token serves as the password for your Account SID. Please take note of the secret and ensure that you save it securely, as it is only shown once at creation and never again.