๐Ÿ•’ Time & Date Formats

Dates & Timestamps

All timestamps follow the ISO 8601 format.

UTC Format is "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD"

visit.waitlistTime = "2021-01-14T12:49:22.773Z"

Timestamps with Offset
Timestamps may sometimes be displayed as UTC with an offset to represent a location's local time. This is typically only found in visit/customer exports, and not in timestamps from API or Webhook responses.

SERVE_TIME = "2021-07-16T19:20:30+01:00"

Converting UTC Timestamps to Local Timezones

When receiving/ingesting a webhook or API response, you can use your preferred date library (such as Moment.js) to convert ISO 8601 timestamps to the timezone and time/date format of your choice.

Local dates

All booking dates and times are in "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm" format and in the local timezone for the locationlocation - represents the place where customers are served, sometimes also referred to as a "queue" or "waitlist" but can also include bookings. of the booking.

visit.date = "2020-07-16T15:00"


All durations are expressed in seconds.

visit.duration = 1800 // 30 minutes