Resources contains operations for creating/removing resources as well as retrieving and updating resource information.

A resource is an entity/asset typically allocated to a visitvisit - a record that is created for a specific instance in which a customer has been added to a waitlist or has made a booking and is needed to serve a customer. A resource can also be linked to a specific useruser - someone who is able to login to the Waitwhile platform for a specific account, and has access to view at least one location on that account.

Resources are organized within parent resource categories. Each resource category can contain one or more resources ("children"). A resource category as well as individual resources can be unique to one specific locationlocation - represents the place where customers are served, sometimes also referred to as a "queue" or "waitlist" but can also include bookings. or shared between multiple locations.
Individual resources can have their own set working schedules. They can also be associated with specific servicesservices - represents the actions to be performed for a customer that can be assigned to a visit.

To assign the first-available resource from a category, you can assign the category itself to the visit.
If resource categories are public, resource selection will become a step in the public check-in/booking process.