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Dynamic Cancellation Message (API)

When an appointment is cancelled, is there a way to have a custom message?

Is there a Send Message API?

Hi, I have a cronjob that checks all the bookings with specific DataField value and sends the user a message. Do we have an API that can send a message to user?

List Visits API - Multiple state?

https://developers.waitwhile.com/reference/listvisits Is it possible to have multiple state for query params?

locationId is null

Hi, I use the List Locations API (https://developers.waitwhile.com/reference/listlocations) and I noticed all the locationId is null. Am I missing something here?

Select a service

I'm trying to find a way to increase the logo images when selecting a service. Can anyone help?

How can I find deleted visits?

How can I find deleted visits? Seems like the visit_id disappears when a booking gets cancelled..

Retrieve Que Position?

Which webhook would I use to retrieve a customers position in a waitlist. I would like my app to update itself with your server on a weekly basis. What identifiers are necessary to poll waitwhile? Location Id and Phone Number? Best, Cayce

Adding location to service

Hi! I was looking through your API docs for ways to add locations to existing services. I've ended up solving this by POST-ing to /v2/services/{serviceId} with the new locationIds. While this works, it requires you to fetch the existing locationIds so you can append new IDs to the list. And while it's unlikely for our use case, this could lead to concurrency issues. Is there some other way of patching services that I'm not seeing? Can I assign locations to services when creating them, e.g. with assignToServices? I'm having some trouble figuring out what these query params do, and how to use them. Thanks! :)

Metadata for Booking and Location objects

Metadata is a great improvement. Will it be added to booking and location objects? additionally, Is there any page we can follow the roadmap and releases? Thanks

Domain in photourl is not allowed

I try to update resource photourl with our own CDN url. But I receive "Domain in photourl is not allowed" error message. is it possible to add our own domain?