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Getting location updates from audit trail using Excel data query

I'm not a seasoned API user, so forgive me if this is an overly simple question. I'm trying to help a client track when changes are made to their location settings, and would like to do so using Excel's data connection capabilities. Where I'm currently stuck is trying to construct the data connection in Excel. I can run the JSON query in the API reference interface and it works (maybe not perfectly, but it doesn't error out). But when I go to build it in Excel, I'm clearly missing something. If anyone has an example of how they set up an Excel data query to pull audit trail information and would be willing to share, that would be immensely helpful.

Metadata for Booking and Location objects

Metadata is a great improvement. Will it be added to booking and location objects? additionally, Is there any page we can follow the roadmap and releases? Thanks

locationId is null

Hi, I use the List Locations API (https://developers.waitwhile.com/reference/listlocations) and I noticed all the locationId is null. Am I missing something here?

List Visits API - Multiple state?

https://developers.waitwhile.com/reference/listvisits Is it possible to have multiple state for query params?


Can you setup webhooks for a specific waitwhile list? I know you can for Location. Or would you suggest creating a location for the list you want to integrate?

Adjusting the internal UI views

My client is looking to adjust the view their staff sees for the waitlists. They have custom fields added to their sign up that ask sensitive information and they want to hide this on the staff/admin view of the waitlist screen. I know there is a setting that you can turn custom fields off, but this sounds like it's only for the public view. Is there anything in the API that allows us to adjust that UI screen?

Dynamic Cancellation Message (API)

When an appointment is cancelled, is there a way to have a custom message?

About "Using your own SMS messaging provider"

To achieve it we need a Server Backend that is responsible for receiving message requests from Waitwhile and forwarding these to the Messaging Provider. How the message request look like and how to test it, the guides and API Reference has nothing about it.

Domain in photourl is not allowed

I try to update resource photourl with our own CDN url. But I receive "Domain in photourl is not allowed" error message. is it possible to add our own domain?

Select a service

I'm trying to find a way to increase the logo images when selecting a service. Can anyone help?