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Is there a way to add a payment section into waitwhile?

Documentation for POST v2/public/visits?

I had built myself a utility app to check in for appointments a while back, but it quit working somewhere within the last two months. I think a captcha was added which... well, maybe what I'm doing is exactly what it's meant to prevent. Is there a legitimate way to get my utility running again? {"statusCode":403,"error":"Forbidden","message":"Recaptcha verification failed, no token provided"}

Search for specific visits

I am trying to search for a specific visit using API but I was not able to understand how can I trim the search result in the query tab. """ q string Search query, prefix match on name, phone, email, or customer identifier """ Can you please provide an example of how or what values I can pass in this "q"? also, is It possible to search for a visit based on a data field that we have created?

What is the 'payload' when verifying webhook signature?

I'm looking at the documentation on how to verify the signature of a webhook, but I don't understand what the 'payload' should be in the example code: function verifyWebhookSignature(signature, url, payload, secret) { return signature == crypto.createHmac('sha256', secret).update(Buffer.from(url + payload, 'utf-8')).digest('base64'); } Any help would be much appreciated!